Vietnam Furniture Industry Overview

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Vietnam is now becoming one of the brightest star in the wood-based furniture production and exports for the world. Vietnam’s wood processing industry, after a development and improvement stage, has built a strong foundation of production capacity, innovation in technology and machines, gradually improving business administration, learning about product standards, improving design, and flexibly producing according to customer requirements. With strong government support and progress in environmental legislation, the industry is ready to go further. Besides, the strength of Vietnam’s furniture export growth is linked to its existing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and the current trade negotiations


At this point, Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of furniture in the entire Asian region. Vietnam furniture industry is ranked at number five out of other furniture producers worldwide, edging closely to China, Germany, Poland, and Italy. By September 2019, Vietnam has over 5,500 enterprises, 340 villages producing and trading wood and forest products. Among those, 2,372 enterprises export timber, wooden products & non-timber forest products.

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